I read this article that education can  play a very important part in Alzheimer.  I was just talking to my friend mom who is having a difficult time as a caregiver taking care of her spouse who was an engineer that was a very active man full of life. Her spouse may have early signs of dementia. The problem in my community is that they are not enough resources to help families find the assistance they need to help cope with this disease. I just relocated and I am made some phone calls to the local chapter to get the help this family need but where are the advocates in our community. I will now be advocating in North Carolina instead of South Carolina meaning I have to get to work and compile my list for the next family seeking help.

The article read ” :The study, published Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine, provides the strongest evidence to date that a more educated population and better cardiovascular health are contributing to a decline in new dementia cases over time, or at least helping more people stave off dementia for longer.”New York Times