About Us

What Taylor Home Care represents to founder, Shellyann Taylor:


I started this business because of my dad, a retired police officer, he wanted to spend his retirement in the comfort and safety of his home. Not long after retiring, my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease; despite his diagnosis, he continued to remain at home.  After my father’s passing, I was compelled to go to nursing school to get the education and tools that I needed  to be able to provide the quality of care for others that I wish my father had received during his final years. Today, I am a gerontology nurse and caregiver; I advocate strongly for seniors to have independent lifestyles and I believe maintaining the dignity of our loved ones is a necessity. Our loved ones are entitled to be treated with respect, grace, and kindness. That is exactly what we do at Taylor Home Care.

Our goal is to provide care in a warm, home environment and in a manner, which preserves and enhances independence and dignity. Such care should be provided on the basis of a continuum of care in which seniors can live, learn and flourish.